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Free Guest Posting – Share Your News!

Do you have exciting news to share with the world? Our platform can help you get the word out. Simply craft an article highlighting your news and send it over via email. Your article will be live on our site within 24-48 hours, allowing your story to reach a wider audience.

Paid Guest Posting – Promote Your Website!

Looking to promote your website? We’ve got you covered. With our enhanced guest posting option, you can create a guest post that includes a Do-Follow Backlink to your website. This link can significantly boost your online presence. This option comes with a nominal fee of $100 or 7000 rupees per guest post.

You can send your article to us via this email – digitalguruu12@gmail.com

Eligibility Criteria for Article Submission:

  1. Word Count Requirement: Your article should comprise a minimum of 300 words to ensure it carries meaningful content.
  2. Language Options: We accept articles in both English and Hindi languages, offering you the flexibility to contribute in a language you’re comfortable with.
  3. Uniqueness Standard: To maintain the quality of our platform, submitted articles must be entirely unique, offering fresh insights and perspectives.

To share your article with us, kindly use the following email address: digitalguruu12@gmail.com

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