Symptoms and Signs of Dementia: Know The Main Reason for Dementia


Symptoms and Signs of Dementia: Know The Main Reason for Dementia

More than 55 million individuals worldwide currently have symptoms and signs of dementia, and an estimated 10 million new cases are reported year, according to the World Health Organization.

What is Dementia and What is the Main Cause of Dementia?

A group of disorders and illnesses that impact your thinking, memory, reasoning, personality, mood, and conduct are together referred to as dementia. Your daily life and activities are hampered by your declining mental capacity. An estimated 50% of adults aged 85 and older are thought to have dementia. The mental degeneration could be slowed down by current drugs.


The Symptoms and Signs of Dementia vary depending on the underlying cause of dementia, but frequent ones include:

A shift in thinking

Memory loss, which is typically observed by another person

Difficulty speaking or finding the right words

Visual and spatial difficulties, such as having trouble navigating when driving

Difficulty with complex activities or with thinking or problem-solving

Planning and organizing challenges Coordination and motor function issues

Disorientation and confusion


According to the World Health Organization, dementia in elderly symptoms in which there is decline in cognitive function beyond what may be expected from the ordinary consequences of biological ageing.” There is no known treatment for dementia, but there are ways to live a lifestyle that can help avoid it, including memory loss, trouble speaking, the need to repeat questions, a lack of empathy, and taking longer to do simple chores.

Experts who discussed the Symptoms and Signs of Dementia of the condition and risk variables you might alter to reduce your likelihood of developing the syndrome were interviewed by Eat This, Not That Health. Continue reading and pay close attention to these Sure Signs You’ve Already Had COVID to protect your health and the health of others.

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Knowing what causes dementia can keep you on alert when to see doctors.

Is Symptoms and Signs of Dementia Reversible?

Yes, some causes of dementia or dementia-like symptoms can be reversed again with treatment.

Can a Stroke Cause Dementia?

According to experts, Dementia risk may be impacted by the brain damage brought on by a stroke or mini-stroke (transient ischemic attack).

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