Patrick Mahomes: 10 Surprising Facts About an American football


Patrick Mahomes: 10 Surprising Facts About an American football

Patrick Mahomes

American football quarterback Patrick Mahomes plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. He is among the young talented quarterback in the NFL and has unmatched playmaking abilities.

The Top 10 Things About Patrick Mahomes You Didn’t Know are listed below.

1. The Raiders’ back-up quarterback was Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes was the backup quarterback for the Red Raiders when he began his first year at Texas Tech University, but that may be forgotten now that he has won the Super Bowl and the NFL MVP title.

When Mahomes first stepped foot on the Lubbock campus, Davis Webb was his understudy. In the ninth game of the 2014 campaign, Mahomes took over at quarterback after Webb sustained a season-ending ankle injury. In 2019, Mahomes was the league’s top quarterback, and Webb was a member of the Buffalo Bills’ practise squad.

2. Mahomes is the very first member of the Kansas City Chiefs to be on the Madden NFL cover.

After earning the 2018 NFL MVP award, Patrick Mahomes made history when he became the first Kansas Chiefs player to appear on the Madden video game cover.

Mahomes was featured on the cover of Madden 20 following his outstanding MVP season. Madden covers are rumoured to be cursed because players that feature on the cover of the game frequently have a difficult season afterward. In 2019, Mahomes did experience knee pain, but he bounced back to help the Chiefs win the Super Bowl. Patrick Mahomes must have escaped the curse because he had a fantastic season in 2020, winning the AFC West.

3. Before entering the NFL Draft, Mahomes only played three seasons for Texas Tech.

Mahomes threw 93 touchdown passes over his three seasons with the Red Raiders. He played at the school and averaged 31 touchdown passes a season. During his senior year, Mahomes combined his 50 passing plus rushing touchdowns.

4. In NFL history, Mahomes was the third-youngest Super Bowl MVP.

Patrick Mahomes was only 24 years & 138 days old when he won the Super Bowl MVP title after guiding the Kansas City Chiefs to victory over the San Francisco 49ers. After Lynn Swann and Marcus Allen, Mahomes was the third-youngest Super Bowl MVP in NFL history.

5. Mahomes is the quarterback in NFL history with the most double-digit comeback victories in a season.

Patrick Mahomes was 5-0 during the 2019–2020 NFL season when the Chiefs were down by ten points or more. In NFL history, he now owns the record for the most double-digit comeback victories by a quarterback in a season. Three of such comebacks occurred in the 2020 NFL Playoffs against the San Francisco 49ers, the Tennessee Titans, and the Houston Texans. In order to win the Super Bowl in 2020, the Chiefs have to come from behind in every game in the playoffs.

Each of the three times, they were viewed as hopeless. Just in the Super Bowl, Mahomes guided the Chiefs to victory after they fell down by 10 points with just over eight minutes remaining.

6. It appears that football fanatics harass many of pat mahomes associates.

Brittany Matthews’ fiancée receives a lot of hate on social media. Jackson Mahomes’ brother also receives a lot of criticism on social media. Jackson is a homosexual who is also the brother of the best NFL player.

The college student has experienced online homophobia and hate speech. Jackson is well-known on TikTok, but after publishing content, he came under even more criticism. In an effort to put an end to problems in the future, Jackson has promised to expose those who send hateful texts.

Jackson has recently been the subject of various online and social media disputes. He reportedly has a quarrel with the Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett duo from TikTok. Jackson and Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, disagree as well. Earlier posts on Barstool Sports’ website poked fun at Jackson for being so dissimilar to his NFL star brother.

7. Mahomes signed the most lucrative sports contract in history.

The Kansas City Chiefs bought an insurance policy to cover Patrick Mahomes’ salary soon after he agreed to the biggest contract in sports history. In the event that Patrick Mahomes is unable to play due to injury, the Chiefs are covered by the insurance coverage.

Despite the fact that insurance policies on contracts are uncommon in the NFL, Kansas City made sense to buy one given the $140 million guaranteed.

8. Brittany Matthews, Mahomes’ fiance, and him have been together since high school.

At Texas’ Whitehouse High School, they started dating. Sports fans should be pleased with their relationship since it shows that neither Mahomes nor Matthews dated him because of their popularity. That isn’t the case, though. Football fans have bullied Matthews online by saying she isn’t attractive enough to be the girlfriend of an NFL quarterback. Despite having been with Patrick Mahomes since their adolescent years, she has also been referred to as a gold digger. Matthews has earned the reputation of being a fitness expert, and she briefly played professional soccer in Iceland.

Despite her good appearance, she receives abuse on social media. Matthews has retaliated against social media users in response to the hatred. Naturally, the majority of the haters are non-Chiefs supporters and those envious of her fiancé’s success.

9. After earning his Super Bowl ring at Arrowhead Stadium, Mahomes proposed to Matthews.

After receiving his own ring, Mahomes “pulled off a Super Bowl ring surprise” by removing a sizable diamond ring to place on Matthews’ finger. Mahomes surprised Matthews with a fully furnished suite in the Executive Suite after receiving his ring at Arrowhead Mahomes surprised Matthews with a fully furnished suite in the Executive Suite after receiving his ring at Arrowhead.

Around a thousand red roses were used by Patrick Mahomes to adorn the Executive Suite. The couple had dinner at home in their lawn after saying “yes.” Matthews made her pregnancy announcement on social media before the end of September 2020. The couple revealed that their first child would be a daughter a month later. March or April are predicted as the delivery months for Matthews.

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10. The Mahomes Contract is the largest in NFL history, for one

The Kansas City Chiefs gave Patrick Mahomes a $450 million contract deal for the following 10 years in July of 2020. For the time being, the contract is the highest-paying one in NFL history. Not only is Patrick Mahomes contract the largest in NFL history. The largest in the annals of sports. Until 2031, the quarterback is committed to the Chiefs. Even while the contract appears to be enormous on paper, which it is, detractors of the agreement have noted that not all of the money is guaranteed.

David Samson, a pundit, claims that although the deal looks impressive on paper, just $140 million is guaranteed. There is a no-trade provision as well. Being a mobile quarterback, there is a good probability that NFL Patrick mahomes will have a serious injury and won’t be eligible for the entire $450 million. However, $140 million is a significant sum of money that most individuals can only imagine having.

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