Seattle Seahawks: 15 Interesting Facts About American Football Team


Seattle Seahawks: 15 Interesting Facts About American Football Team

seattle seahawks

Due to SOPA and PIPA, Wikipedia went dark yesterday, causing chaos among students and ignorant individuals like myself who rely on Wiki for information. Since Wikipedia always has the answer, I’ve pretty well determined that I won’t actively learn anything ever again.

I have more room for inner dialogue and dreams as a result.

Was it possible to easily get around the Wiki blackout? Sure. However, it still had a massive effect on SOPA & our lives, and I’m glad to get my second brain back.

Here are 15 facts about Seattle Seahawks which readers may or may not no know in honour of Wikipedia’s comeback, the Seahawks, and my leisure time.

  1. Seattle Seahawks are the sole NFL club whose team name and city share the first three letters.

Although it seems clear, I suppose I never gave it much attention before. That is probably why saying ” Seattle Seahawks ” is so much fun, but saying “San Francisco 49ers” and “Ben Roethlisberger” is awful.

Seriously, there is no such thing as “49ers.” Writing, speaking, and watching it all cause annoyance.

We may have some really amazing team names if other towns had named their teams the same way Seattle did. The San Francisco Sandie’s, that are similar to Pecan Sandie’s, are an option. “We Fold Up So Nicely,” by The Carolina Cardboard Boxes. The Chipotle-Lovers of Chicago. The detox centers in Detroit. Phineas and Ferb in Philadelphia. The dentists in Denver. The Indentured Servants of Indianapolis The “Jump Around’s from the Houston House of Pain. The Pittsburgh Pits. The Cleveland Cleetus called Slack-Jawed Yokels. Michael’s The Buffalo Buffer. The Jacksonville Jack—forget about it.

But the point is that we didn’t give a crap about getting all Sea-Sea on their bums, which is why our moniker is the finest. The Sea & Sea Music Factory is who we are. Everyone is now sea-dancing.

Where did the name originate? I’m relieved you didn’t actually ask me that, though. Because the response is largely a lie.

  1. Mary Hoolahan was the winner of a contest to choose the Seattle Seahawks name. Or did it?

To quote Wikipedia:

On June 17, 1975, the Seattle Seahawks were chosen as the team’s name following an open naming contest that received and over 20,000 entries and more than 1,700 possible names. Seattle Seahawks, Washington resident Mary Hoolahan proposed the name “Seahawks.”

That sounds reasonable, I guess. There is no doubt that the name was picked through a contest, but I have been unable to locate any evidence of Mary Hoolahan’s existence. On Wiki, there is no source link. All Google does is repeatedly re-state the very same “fact” from Wikipedia. About a “Mary Hoolahan,” I didn’t locate anything in the Seattle Times.

151 people submitted the named “Seahawk” for the competition, but only Mary is given credit for this success, according to There isn’t any evidence of that, according to I can tell.

Three plausible reasons exist:

  1. The winning name was actually submitted by Mary Hoolahan from Seattle Seahawks, Washington.
  2. The Wikipedia entry was modified by Mary Hoolahan.
  3. The team’s manner of indicating that we will constantly be communicating “Hello” and “Goodbye” to Harmony is expressed by the fact that Mary Hoolahan is anagrammatic of Aloha Harmony. Probably Goodbye.
seattle seahawks

3. “Ask, Saw, Eh” might be rewritten as “Seattle Seahawks.” For example, asking about the hawks and go see the hawks, eh? You guys are unknown to me.

4. On December 5, 1974, the management of an expansion team was given to the Nordstrom Family, who were managed by Lloyd W. Nordstrom.

In order to develop what would eventually become the Kingdome, King County authorized a $40 million bond, and work on it started in 1972. Although there were objections and litigation against the Kingdome’s construction, this would enable the city to provide a home to entice the MLB & NFL to Seattle. People opposed to the Dome’s construction were referred to as “idiots” & “jerks.”

Seattle Seahawks began their breakthrough season in 1976, unfortunately Lloyd Nordstrom passed away from a heart attack earlier in the year, preventing him from ever seeing his vision come true. He would have experienced a heart attack even if he had survived to witness that first season.

  1. The Seahawks might have ended up in the World Football League, which would have been terrible.

We must keep in mind that in the middle of the 1970s, participating in professional sports remained a novelty in Seattle. It kind of still qualifies as novel now.

The NFL intended to grow at that time but had to enter regions well before WFL did because it had recently merged with the AFL. Targeted cities were Honolulu, Seattle Seahawks, Memphis, and Phoenix. Tampa Bay was given a berth for expansion. Fortunately, Honolulu and Memphis won the WFL while Seattle received an NFL franchise.

Phoenix received a franchise as well, although they were unwilling construct a stadium. The NFL was informed, “We’ll simply have fun in the desert, dude. Similar to Burning Man, but with more drugs.”

  1. Despite having a 2-14 record in their inaugural campaign, Seattle Seahawks wasn’t the worst expansion franchise that year.

The expansion Seahawks and expansion Buccaneers faced up in week six, and both squads were 0-5 at the time. The Buccaneers’ quarterback, Steve Spurrier, finished 18 of 30 for 170 yards and zero touchdowns one interception. Tampa outgained the Hawks in total yards (285-253), but Seattle prevailed 13-10 because to some field goals by John Leypoldt in the second quarter.

The official name for this matchup in history is “The Game Among Seattle & Tampa Bay on Oct 17, 1976.”

3 manages to catch for 49 yards total from Steve Largent.

seattle seahawks
  1. In each of Seattle Seahawks first 12 seasons, Largent ranked top in receiving yards.

He was selected by the Texas Oilers in the 4th round of the 1976 draught, but following the preseason, the Oilers sold him to Seattle Seahawks in exchange for an eighth-round pick. Wide receivers were less common for white people back then than running backs.

  1. During the first seven seasons, Jim Zorn was the top passer.

I started working for a new production house right out of college, and one of our first significant projects was Jim Zorn, a Seahawks legend. I had the opportunity to visit him at home, get to meet his family, as well as have Largent stop by for an interview. They both have great personalities. Zorn’s 2005 NFC Championship ring, which he received while coaching quarterbacks, was given to me. I disposed of it in the waste disposal & requested a genuine championship ring from Zorn.

He’s a really lovely man who was never intended to start at quarterback for an NFL team. He attended tiny Cal Poly Pomona and, unsurprisingly, was not drafted. I’m relying on my memories here, but I think the Texans were the initial team that gave him a shot before cutting him. Zorn won the NFC Player of the Year honor and suddenly, head football coach Jack Patera has anointed him the starting quarterback of a brand-new NFL team. That year, Zorn also lead the NFL overall passing attempts.

When you make 27 mistakes and still win prizes, it’s really cool.

  1. In 1976, Jim Zorn scored 49.5 out of 100.

It ranks behind Steve DeBerg (49ers) in 1978 as the second-worst passer rating ever recorded by a rookie quarterback (minimum 300 attempts).

  1. For the first four seasons, Sherman Smith lead the club in rushing.

For good reason, Smith is far more forgettable than Zorn or Largent. Not that he didn’t good, but even though he gained 4.9 yards per rush that season, his career best was 805 yards. He is now the Hawks’ running backs coach.

  1. They conceded 51 pts to the a 3-7 Saints squad in a defeat in 1976.

There wasn’t a single td pass attempted by New Orleans.

  1. Steve Myer’s QB ratings of 47.2 in four starts for Seattle Seahawks in 1977 demonstrated that Zorn had established a standard, but that it could be lowered.

Stacy Andrews holds the record for being the largest Seahawk ever, weighing 342 lbs. and having a BMI of 38.5.

I could defeat that, ssh. When will Burger King offer $1 Whoppers again?

  1. At 6’8″, player Dan McGwire is regarded as being the tallest qb in NFL history “.

There is growing chatter of ASU quarterback Brock Oswiler rising in the draught. His height is 6’8 “.

You are aware of the rumour regarding tall quarterbacks? Hehe, they really let us down.

seattle seahawks

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  1. McGwire never let Seattle catch up to him.

In 1992, Stan Gelbaugh did. In 1996, John Friesz did. In 2008, Seneca Wallace did. In 2011, Tarvaris Jackson did. (Believe me, it’s going to be just as unexpected.) McGwire had a career high 745 yards throwing, 2 touchdowns, and 6 interceptions.

However, he was frequently praised for having a fantastic attitude toward “Getting something off the top shelf.”

Stay Tune to More Facts About Seattle Seahawks…

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