Lindsey Pearlman Actress of “Empire” committed suicide.


Lindsey Pearlman Actress of “Empire” committed suicide.

 Lindsey Pearlman

After an investigation Done, Actress Lindsey cause of death was determined.

According to a story acquired by People on Monday, the Lindsey Pearlman empire actress was found dead from sodium nitrite intoxication, and the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner ruled that actress Lindsey Pearlman cause of death is suicide.

Lindsey Pearlman cause of death “non-toxic levels of lorazepam, metoclopramide, and codeine,” according to the report, which was also written.

Actress Lindsey Pearlman, who played Patti Sharp in one of the Fox musical drama episodes, vanished on February 16 and was found dead inside a car two days later in Los Angeles, not far from the entrance to Runyon Canyon Park. She was 43.

 Lindsey Pearlman

A coroner representative informed The Post that extra testing would be required in order to determine the cause of death after an initial autopsy yielded unclear results.

When the authorities learned of Pearlman’s death, Pearlman husband, Vance Smith, said he was “broken.”

Smith stated in a since-deleted Instagram post, “She’s gone. “I’m damaged Missing Pearlman

Lindsey was discovered “too late” to be saved, according to Savannah Pearlman, a relative of Pearlman who verified the Chicagoan’s loss on Twitter and expressed her “deep regret.”

The actress, who was also an animal rights campaigner and had a regular role on ABC’s “General Hospital,” had a spokesman who stated that lindsey pearlman parents did not want to discuss her passing in the media.

 Lindsey Pearlman

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We are deeply saddened by actress lindsey pearlman found dead today, the message said. The family has asked for privacy as they grieve and process during this difficult time.

Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) if you or someone you know is experiencing emotional distress or thinking about suicide.

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