Kamala Harris: Some Of Most Interesting Things About Her


Kamala Harris: Some Of Most Interesting Things About Her

Kamala Harris

In her more than two decades in public life, Kamala Harris has accumulated a long list of firsts, including being the first Black woman and Asian American to be selected as a vice presidential campaign mate on a major-party ticket. She was also the first woman to hold the office of attorney general of California and the first Indian American senator.

What information is crucial for voters to understand more about woman who is poised to shatter one of the biggest gender barriers in American society? Here is a brief introduction to Kamala Devi Harris’ biography drawn from books, substantial media coverage, and the POLITICO archives. Harris is a pioneering former prosecutor and senator who, in a matter of months, might be one heartbeat away from the White House.

Here Are Some Facts About Kamala Harris:

  1. On October 20, 1964, Kamala Devi Harris (Kamala Harris), the elder of two children born to Shyamala Gopalan, an Indian cancer researcher, and Donald Harris, a Jamaican economist, was born in Oakland, California.

2. Her parents bonded via a common love of the civil rights era, which was strong on campus, while they were graduate students at UC Berkeley. They brought tiny Kamala in a pram to protests after she was born.

3. Her mother named her daughter Kamala as a tribute to both the empowerment of women and her Indian heritage (Kamala is also another term for the Hindu goddess Lakshmi).

4. Kamala Harris’ mother raised her & sister, Maya, in Berkeley on the upper floor of a yellow townhouse after her parents split when Harris was 7 years old.

5. Kamala Harris being bused to Thousand Oaks Elementary School in first grade, where integration had just entered its second year. For the following three years, she and her friends would play “Miss Mary Mack” and cat’s cradle on the bus ride from her primarily black, lower-middle-class neighborhood to her school, which was situated in a wealthy white neighborhood.

Kamala Harris

6. Harris embraced her South Asian & Black roots as a child by attending both a Hindu temple and a Black Baptist church. Kamala Harris later said in her memoirs, “My mother realised deeply that she was growing two black children, and she had determined to ensure we would develop into confident, strong black women.”

7. Her grandma, an activist who traversed the countryside educating poor women about birth control, and grandfather, a top government official who campaigned for Indian independence, had a significant impact on her when she visited India as a youngster.

8. After her mother was hired as a teacher at McGill University as well as a cancer researcher in Jewish Medical Center, Harris completed middle school & high school in Montreal.

9. In Montreal, 13-year-old Harris & her younger sister Maya successfully organised a protest against a rule that forbade youngsters from playing on the yard front of her apartment building.

10. Following high school, Harris enrolled at Washington, D.C.’s esteemed historically Black university, Howard University. She enrolled the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority and double majored in economics and political science.

11. Kamala Harris stayed with her sister Maya while enrolled in law school in San Francisco and assisted with Maya’s daughter’s potty training.

Kamala Harris

12. When Harris reflected on the situation in 2018, he said, “I’m dealing with this awful things, dog-eat-dog in school, and then I would get home and we would all gather by the toilet & wave bye to a piece of shit.” It will help to put this location in context.

13. Kamala Harris started the Alameda County prosecutor’s office in Oakland as an associate district attorney specializing in sex offences in 1990 after passing the bar exam.

14. At first, Harris’ family had their doubts about the profession. She admitted that prosecutors have a bad reputation historically, but she said she wants to transform the system from within.

15. In 1994, Harris started dating Willie Brown, a political force in California who was 30 years Harris’ senior and the speaker of the state legislature at the time. Brown recruited Harris to the State Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board & the Medical Assistance Commission from his perch in the assembly; both appointments paid her an additional $80,000 a year on top of her attorney income.

16. Brown was chosen to lead San Francisco in 1995. According to Brown’s account to Joan Walsh in 2003, Kamala Harris ended their relationship in December because “she realised there was no stability in our connection.” And she was entirely correct.

17. After being lured to the San Francisco District Attorney’s office by a former Alameda coworker, Harris took on the city’s teenage prostitution problem and changed law enforcement’s focus from seeing the girls as criminals selling sex to treating them as victims.

Kamala Harris

18. Harris courted powerful acquaintances among San Francisco’s wealthy elite during this period. They would give her the financial support in 2003 to enable her to run successfully for office.

19. She campaigned for district attorney in San Francisco in 2003, taking on the incumbent Terence Hallinan, who was also her previous employer. Her pitch was “We’re progressive, as Terence Hallinan, but we’re competent, like Terence Hallinan is not,” a top campaign strategist told POLITICO.

20. With 56.5 percent of the vote, she won the election in the run-off. She was elected district attorney in California for the first time as a result of her triumph.

21. The conviction rate in San Francisco increased significantly during her initial three years in office, going from 52 to 67 %.

22. In 2004, Kamala Harris made one of her most contentious decisions when she decided not to seek the death penalty for the person responsible for the murder of San Francisco policeman Isaac Espinoza. A standing ovation was given by the hundreds of officers present at the burial when Senator Dianne Feinstein gave a eulogy and chastised Harris, who was there.

Kamala Harris

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23. Later, when serving as attorney general of California, Harris chose not to back two initiatives on the ballot that would have abolished the death sentence, prompting charges of political opportunism & inconsistent stances on the contentious subject.

24. When a technician mishandled evidence and took cocaine from the San Francisco district attorney’s crime lab, she came under fire. Harris neglected to brief the defense team in an effort to maintain secrecy. About a thousand drug-related cases had to be dismissed as a result.

25. Barack Obama and her became friends during his 2004 Senate campaign. She was the first illustrious California public official to support him during his 2008 campaign for president.

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