Female Fitness Models: 15 Unknown Facts About Trish Stratus


Female Fitness Models: 15 Unknown Facts About Trish Stratus

Female Fitness Models

Any red-blooded male wrestling fan will melt when you mention Trish Stratus, and they will likely echo Joey Styles’ “Oh my God” response in their thoughts. The former Female Fitness Models turned WWE wrestler put in a lot of work since making her debut in April 2000 to establish that she was more than just a pretty face. She ended up being the greatest Diva of all time in her attempt to demonstrate this.

Although Trish had her own titillating move set that appeared to have been taken directly from the Matrix movies—the MaTrish and MaTrish Revoltutions, to name a couple—Lita could have been able to do a moonsalt. There wasn’t anything Trish couldn’t accomplish in the ring after spending time with Fit Finlay. In her post-professional career, she has participated in Tough Enough, appeared at WrestleMania XXVII with John Morrison and Snooki, and guest hosted Raw.

Trish is extremely involved in humanitarian activities in addition to continuing to be active in the wrestling industry.

The previous seven-time Women’s Champion Female Fitness Models, three-time WWE Babe of the Year, and, of course, the Diva of the Decade are all well-known to fans. Here are a few facts about the greatest woman ever in general that you may not be aware of.

1. The modern era’s actual longest reigning champion

With 434 days under his belt, Cm Punk has held the WWE Championship longer than any other champion in modern history. Nikki Bella, the current Diva’s champion, appears to be close to beating A.J. Lee, Punk’s wiferecord ,’s of 295 days, but neither of them can compare to Trish Stratus’ 448-day reign between New Year’s Revolution 2005 and WrestleMania 22! Sure, she suffered injuries as a result of part of it, but so did Punk under his rule. So, in order to tie AJ as the greatest Diva of all time, Nikki will need to surpass his record by 153 days.

2. She declined the Diva Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXV.

With a “Divalicious” battle royal, WrestleMania XXV celebrated as many Divas as they could fit inside one ring. The WWE invited as many Divas—past and present—to participate as they could, including the first diva Sunny and Jackie Gayda-Haas, who was hideous in the ring but attractive outside of it. The most well-known Diva in history was conspicuously absent from the events.

Trish Female Fitness Models declined the invitation and stated: Simply put, there were no conclusions or ‘What’s going to happen?’ moments. We talked about ‘Will I win?’,” Stratus remarked. I was just asked if I would like to participate in the 25-woman fight royal at Wrestlemania, to which I replied, “Thank you, but I’m going to decline.” Actually, I wanted to watch Wrestlemania with my family for one night at home. That contributed to it, she claims. Additionally, I recently made a return, and I never want to overstay my welcome.

3. Team Bestie

You’d think a tattooed punk rocker like Lita and a naturally beautiful woman like Trish wouldn’t get along. But Trish Female Fitness Models and Lita’s on-screen competition and mutual commitment to being the finest wrestlers imaginable also developed into a genuine friendship outside of the ring. Trish would even deepen their bond when she and Ron invited Lita to serve as Max’s godmother, tying the two diva’s together for all time. Maybe little Maximus will go down in history as the first second-generation superstar whose godmother and mother both competed?

As “Team Bestie,” the two Hall of Fame diva wrestlers travel to wrestling conventions. Team Bestie versus Team Bella in the fantasy booking round?

Female Fitness Models

4. She Was Initially a Heel

You shouldn’t be fooled by the girl next door personality; instead, focus on the come hither appearance. Because Test and Albert, who were recruited by the Heat to form the unintentionally punny tag team T & A, Female Fitness Models trish actually began as a heel. After that, she would team up with Vince McMahon, which would ultimately result in the iconic dog-barking episode that would make her famous. Her previous role as a vivacious vixen helped her develop into an even more snarky heel when she turned heel again at WrestleMania XX. She was undoubtedly very spicy, but we all remember her as one of the more sweet Divas of all time.

5. DDP Isn’t the Only Yogi in Wrestling

Any wrestling podcast worth listening to will promote Diamond Dallas Page’s yoga course. While it’s true that DDP has extended careers and saved lives, the programme isn’t a traditional form of yoga. The Stratusphere Yoga DVDs by the former fitness model are your best bet if you’re searching for something more conventional in this area. Trish’s approach incorporates strength training with yoga positions, much like DDP’s.

When she sustained a herniated disc in 2004, she believes that yoga helped save her career. Everything you need to get Stratusfied is available on her Stratusphere Yoga website, from scheduling private classes that are likely screened for more lecherous admirers to rectifying workout errors.

6. She Met Owen

Although little is known about the above photograph or how well the King of Harts and the blond bombshell knew one another, they did at least meet for this interesting piece of Canadian wrestling history. a person at the top of his game and a brand-new beginner who is determined to succeed at all costs. Although Owen’s sad death would have occurred months before Trish made her professional wrestling debut, this image might undoubtedly inspire fans to imagine a variety of highly competent mixed tag team battles under various “what if?” circumstances. Imagine Lita/Matt versus Owen/Trish.

7. Ron Hutchinson-trained

Although it is well known that Dave Finlay assisted in developing Trish and the other Divas in her class into elite wrestlers, Trish’s journey to wrestling fame actually began with Ron Hutchinson. Edge and Christian were trained by the same Hutchinson. Trish praised her trainer in 2014 after Hutchinson received the Cauliflower Alley Club’s Trainer’s Award: “Ron treated me with respect as a girl in the ring from day one, but he also never took it easy on me… I became tougher and stronger as a result, preparing me for the professional ring.

I’ll always be appreciative to him… I departed from the nest prepared for the top flight. Fans will always be grateful to Hutchinson for his assistance with Trish’s preparation.

Female Fitness Models

8. She is a famous actress.

Trish really tried her hand at acting in the Canadian indy film Bail Enforcers, where she played a part of a group of bounty hunters fleeing the mafia after refusing to turn over their informant. We know that WWE likes to make their stories appear as though they are from the movies. In addition, Stratus is a member of the cast of the upcoming film Gridlocked, which also stars Dominic Purcell and Danny Glover.

Trish is shown in this scene as a seductive S.W.A.T. squad member rather than a bounty beauty. Trish is at least maintaining her visibility and appealing to her sizable male fan following, even though it’s unclear what her Hollywood objectives are.

9. The Muncie Police Department Featured Her

Trish would join D-listers Erik Estrada, La Toya Jackson, Wee Man, and Jack Osbourne on the reality series Armed and Famous instead of taking Ron on their honeymoon. The remaining six episodes of the programme were moved from VH1 after the show was cancelled. When a local Muncie lady was the target of an unlawful search and seizure, unfavourable attention was drawn to the show.

If you think of officers as clowns and want to arm them, you’re putting everyone in danger; this should not be entertaining television, civil rights attorney Michael Sutherlin said of the event. Surprisingly, Female Fitness Models (trish) was in Indiana, the number of men committing crimes in Muncie in order to get handcuffed did not increase at all.

10. Getting married to your high school sweetheart

Little of Trish’s private life was ever discussed during her whole career. It was preferable not to. Trish has been with her high school boyfriend, Ron Fisico, for her whole career, much like a male heartthrob who hides relationships from adoring females for fear that their celebrity may wane. When Trish praised Ron after being inducted into the Hall of Fame, the MSG audience heckled him briefly before Trish a Female Fitness Models revealed that she and Ron were expecting a child, Maximus. Never before has a non-wrestler turned immediate heel and then turned into a hero for the same offense—bagging Trish.

11. Inappropriate liaison with Mickie James

The oddest (and sexiest) counter to a manoeuvre may have occurred during a match with Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 22. Trish would compete against Mickie James at the Showcase of the Immortals. Mickie James (who was crazier than AJ throughout her stint) had spent months pursuing, adoring, and ultimately betraying Female Fitness Models in order to win the Women’s Title.

Mickie retaliated by grabbing a grasp of Trish and fondling her privates as Trish appeared to have Mickie well in control as she attempted her signature springboard bulldog. On the Network, the effects of Mickie’s V-Lick gesture are cut out, but they are still visible on YouTube.

Trish lost the championship due to the unwelcome H.L.A., but it was only another opportunity to win the hearts of.

Female Fitness Models

12. The First Model-Diva

Women wrestlers were either simply valets who were there to be gorgeous or, as J.R. may put it, “bowling shoe ugly” (average looking but strong workers) before Trish came along. Each of those norms was broken by Trish Stratus (Female Fitness Models). Although Trish was the ideal combination of attractive and talented, Vince’s decision to hire the dynamic diva had the unintended consequence that when it came time to find the next generation of divas, he turned to the models in an effort to shape them in Trish’s likeness. In fact, Vince recently mentioned on a J.R. podcast that he was looking for women who wouldn’t mind posing for playboy.

Trish was therefore indirectly to blame for the fact that we always needed to watch the Diva Search.

13. The Kiss That Sounded Around the World

This is less of a reality and more of an underappreciated period in history. Trish presided over the Canadian Walk of Fame Induction Ceremony in 2006. Men were drawn to the Diva of the Decade when she met Pamela Anderson, a fellow Canadian beauty, rather than her performance of a song and dance routine inspired by the Broadway play Chicago. Even if it wasn’t quite the H.L.A. moment that wrestling fans had hoped for, it was a spontaneous moment that no one ever expected would happen as the two would lock lips in a GIF moment that would remember forever.

To all my male followers, I say welcome, as Stratus stated, “I think the combo of two attractive blonde Canadians works.” Canada, a country that is always chilly, once held the title of being the hottest spot on earth.

Female Fitness Models

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14. The Impact of a Professor’s Strike on Modeling Success

Like many of her fellow Canuckleheads, Stratus was a hockey player from Canada, but she excelled at field hockey as opposed to playing on an ice surface. The bombshell demonstrated her tenacity at York University as well as the fact that she was more than just a pretty face. She majored in biology and kinesiology, which, for those who are unfamiliar, is the study of physical movement. But when the teachers went on strike in 1997, the Greek Goddess chose to go from working as a gym receptionist to modelling for Female Fitness Models publications, which ultimately led to her signing with the WWE. Let’s all pause to express our gratitude to the York University faculty for going on strike.

15. Put Ring Work Before Appearances

Trish Stratus is a women fitness models and so attractive that she probably doesn’t need to do any work at all if she so chooses, but that’s not who she is or what she chose to do for a living. The tiny diva put in a lot of effort to succeed in the ring. The mid-nineties divas like Sunny and Sable didn’t do a lot of ring work, but Trish demonstrated that she was prepared to put in extra effort and hone her skills. Trish Female Fitness Models claimed that she “became a little bit ugly for a spell there” (which we find hard to believe) and that she was just “hell bent on showing everyone what an athlete” since she was so preoccupied with the wrestling aspect of her job.

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