3rd week of the 2022 NFL season: Lessons from the Cowboys’ victory against the Giants on Monday


3rd week of the 2022 NFL season: Lessons from the Cowboys’ victory against the Giants on Monday


No problem, Dak. Cooper Rush began the Cowboys’ second game of 2022, and he performed admirably once more. He completed 21 of 31 throws for 215 yards as well as a vital td pass to CeeDee Lamb that helped the Cowboys surpass the Giants halfway through the fourth quarter. Rush has proven he can take the reins until Dak Prescott heals by handling the important to uphold of a Cowboys quarterback with poise through two games.

The Cowboys were able to outgain the Giants by over a yard per game thanks to his performance, and his string of completion of the project on the mentioned touchdown drive, including a strike to Lamb to converted a fourth-and-4, guided the Cowboys to a significant victory early in the season.

We’ll leave the absurd quarterback controversy debate for Twitter users to have in the coming days, and in its stead, we can accept that Rush has undoubtedly greatly benefited by his performance over the past two games. Dallas as a result is 2-1.


The Giants’ line continues to have issues. Although the numbers don’t reflect it, Daniel Jones played admirably. Jones appeared to be the quarterback Giants supporters had hoped he would develop into in recent years. He was calm, and despite the fact that some of his efforts came a little too slowly, he nevertheless let loose all night. Unfortunately, neither those charged with safeguarding him nor his receivers frequently did him any favours on the other side of his passes. Jones did not cause this defeat; rather, the offensive line gave up QB pressures on a startling 40.5% of Jones’ dropbacks on Monday night.

Saquon has returned? Through three weeks (+112), Saquon Barkley is the only running back to surpass expectations among running backs, trailing only Lamar Jackson across all positions. On Monday night, Barkley earned 27 of such a RYOE total, including +31 during his 36-yard touchdown drive. For Giants supporters, the play was a long time coming. They had to wait for years on Barkley to get into the form that led to his selection as the second overall pick in 2018. Barkley is showing the burst, quickness, change of direction, and max speed that once made him popular throughout the NFL.

He also appears to be healthy and poised of make a weekly impact for this Giants offence. Of course, coming during a contract year, the timing is ideal. The Giants will surely benefit from his services in every game if he is able stay healthy throughout the entire season.


Dallas’s rushing assault is also present. Tony Pollard & Ezekiel Elliott should receive a tip of the 10-gallon cap for their combined 28 carries for 178 yards and a score. They created a ground attack that dominated the game and enabled Dallas’ offence to move the ball steadily all night long. Their efforts properly sheltered Rush. Penalties hindered their offensive goals, but Elliott came through in a couple of crucial short-yardage situations on a run that culminated in an Elliott touchdown that tied the game at one yard. Rush had opportunities to advance the ball across the field because the New York defence was kept on its toes by the danger of the run.

It was hugely useful on the run that resulted in the game-winning score, and Jason Peters’ substitution at left guard is mostly to blame for that. On 3rd in the initial half, Dallas ordered a toss left & easily gained a first down on an Elliott run of 27 yards. While Elliott isn’t the same home run hitter as in previous years, the one-two punch of Pollard and Elliott may be a big weapon for Dallas if it maintains defending this well up front — regardless of who is at quarterback. This is what gave the Cowboys an elite club early in Elliott’s career.


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Cooper Rush hit 10 of 15 passes over 112 yards and a score in the game’s Next Gen stat.

NFL Research: With the victory on Monday night, Cooper Rush became only the third Cowboys quarterback in the organization’s history to win his first three career starts, joining Roger Staubach & Jason Garrett.

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