Casper Ruud: 6 Confounding Things You Should Know


Casper Ruud: 6 Confounding Things You Should Know

Casper Ruud

Casper Ruud, a member of the NextGenATP, made headlines in the Rio Open after defeating Rogerio Dutra Silva and winning the tournament. Here is the information you need to know about the 18-year-old Norwegian ahead of his matchup against Roberto Carballes Baena in the second round.

  1. Tennis Runs In His Blood

Christian Ruud, his father, was a Top 50 tennis player in the world. On October 9, 1995, he climbed as high with No. 39 inside the Emirates ATP Rankings, and he concluded his career with 115 journey victories.

I get along really well with my father, stated Ruud. “Having such a tight relationship is often difficult inside the world of sports, but for us, it’s wonderful.

“We are both fiercely competitive and obsessed with success. We treat each other with the utmost respect, and the competition is constructive. He is a key player on my team. Despite the fact that he played professionally, I do not even feel any pressure. In actuality, the reverse is true—it has really aided me.

  1. He won his first ATP match in a 500-level competition.

In my 3rd ATP World Tour contest, he achieved his maiden victory. It has been fantastic, remarked Casper Ruud. “I was given the opportunity to participate during an ATP World Tour 500 match in addition to winning my first game. Since I am the player in the match with the lowest ranking, I am always the underdog, which suits me well. I’m making an effort to remain grounded and keep up my diligent job.”

  1. He Is Apparently Norway’s Rising Star

Casper Ruud remarked that “Norwegians really prefer to see new, homegrown talent making progress.” “We have one of the finest skiers in the world, Martin Odegaard, who played for Real Madrid, and now they are getting into tennis. Both the Federation and we benefit much from it. That’s excellent if folks love following me.

Casper Ruud
  1. He’s Rising Quickly

Casper Ruud, a player who turned pro in 2015, has made the most of each opportunity at all levels of skills tennis. At February 2016 in Paguera, Spain, he clinched his maiden ITF Futures match. He qualified for his initial ATP International Big tournament in Seville, which took place the same year, and went on to win the championship (d. Daniel).

The adolescent gained the coveted No. 1 ranking on the youth circuit and advanced beyond the Leading 1,000 to the border of a Top 200 in the course of one year.

  1. Spanish Is His Coach

Casper Ruud has been under Pedro Rico’s tutelage for two years. Ruud has advanced quickly with the Spaniard. The impassioned Spaniard and the cool, collected Scandinavian make the ideal team. “‘No Stress’ is the term I hear most often in Team Casper,” remarked Rico.

Pedro is fantastic, ” Ruud remarked. “He is giving me such great support as I work on getting better, and both of us have already moved up from being outside the First 1,000 to become the No. 1 youth and near to the First 200.”

Casper Ruud

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  1. Milan Is My Seasonal Objective

The Next ATP Finals, which are open to young players, are the largest competition we can win, according to 18-year-old Casper Ruud. This is a strong motivator.

“Since everyone wants to be qualified, it won’t be simple. It’s too early to consider it now, but I would consider it a great honour to take part.

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