Brandi Carlile : 10 Interesting Unknown Facts!


Brandi Carlile : 10 Interesting Unknown Facts!

Brandi Carlile

Brandi Carlile has a long career spanning 15 years as singer-songwriter and producer

Over the course of her 15-year career, three-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile has experienced phenomenal success, with highlights including her 2018 album By the Way, I Forgive You reaching the total count 5 spot on the Billboard 200 and her previous album The Firewatcher’s Daughter reaching the number 9 spot. Along way, she developed into a vocal advocate for many social causes and a generous donor to countless deserving organizations. There’s never been a better moment to discover more about the growing singer, especially with the recent announcement of the 2020 lineup for her yearly music event Girls Only Wanna Have Fun Weekend.

  1. At the 61st Grammy Awards, the most nominated female performer

Brandi Carlile has received a total of Seven Grammy nominees over the period of her career. The Firewatcher’s Daughter (2015), her fifth studio album, won one award for Best American Album, and By the Way, I Forgive You (2016) won six (2018). Carlile received the most nominations of any female artist at the 61st Music Awards thanks to the popularity of By the Way, I Forgive You. The Best American Album, Best American Roots Song, and Best American Roots Performance were the three trophies Carlile ultimately took home that evening.

  1. She debuted in 2002.

Carlile put an end to years of rumours about her sexual orientation in a November 2002 statement with the Western Front Online by affirming whether she identified as a lesbian. She confirmed her engagement to Catherine Shephard ten years later. After the Seattle Times revealed the news earlier that day, Carlile made the revelation in a message to fan site, Again Today: “My main story to date is that I got engaged!!!!!” “I know the Seattle Times got there first, but I like that they’re interested! I’m thrilled that they showed an interest because, in such moments and on the day of Referendum 74, it’s incredibly essential to me to help spread awareness about marriage equality.

  1. She is a generous person.

Over the years, Brandi Carlile has been very involved in charity activities, most notably with the Seeing Out Foundation, a nonprofit that supports deserving projects with money. Along with bandmates Tim and Phil Hanseroth, Carlile launched the charity in 2008. Since then, she has helped UNICEF, Doctors Worldwide Borders, and the HRC receive funds. Brandi Carlile offered the foundation a major financial boost in 2017 in additional to contributing $1 from each concert ticket sale. This was made possible by the sales of Headlines, a collective benefit album that featured songs by well-known artists like Adele, Pearl Jam, and Miranda Lambert.

  1. A restaurant was inspired by her.

Tom Collins, a Seattle restaurateur, opened his 13th restaurant, The Brandi Carlile Room, as a tribute to Carlile. Visitors to the restaurant can eat from a “thoroughly modern and progressive” menu while sipping cocktails in a setting that is reminiscent of the 1960s. The restaurant offers a pre- and post-theater audience and regularly hosts live music evenings with performances by local DJs. It is conveniently close to Seattle’s Paramount Theatre.

Brandi Carlile
  1. Obama included her on his year-end playlist.

The inclusion of Carlile’s record By the Way, I Forgive You’s opening track “Everytime I Hear That Song” on ex – president Barak Obama’s year-end playlist in 2018 is proof that it was highly appreciated both by critics and fans. The songs “The State Always Dreams in Total Darkness” by The National, “Unforgettable” by French Montana (with Swae Lee), “Matter of Time” from Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, and “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles were all notable additions to the playlist that year.

  1. She’s become a judge

Carlile has participated in the decision-making process for prizes in addition to serving on the receiving end. Brandi Carlile participated in the selection of the independent musicians who were most deserving of nomination at the 10th Alternative Music Awards. On the jury that year, in addition to Brandi Carlile, are Susan Vega, Tom Waits, Shelby Lynne, Aimee Mann, and many others.

  1. She organises a music event.

Carlile made the decision to intervene after growing impatient with the dearth of female representation in popular music events. The annual Girls Only Might as well Have Enjoyable Weekend in Mexico is the culmination of her efforts. “What I truly desire is for the event should be so successful because others will be seeing it who are scheduling them, recognise that there is a market for women,” Brandi Carlile said when explaining the festival’s concept to Rolling Stone. Maren Morris, Mavis Staples, and the Indigo Girls were among the artists who performed during the inaugural event. The 2020 festival’s schedule also features KT Tunstall, Sheryl Crow, and Patty Griffin.

  1. She is a farmworker.

Carlile spent money on a farm in the country outside of Seattle when she was barely 21 years old, and she still calls that property her home today. The house was somewhat run-down when Brandi Carlile first bought it, but she’s worked long and hard to make it a comfortable house for her, her wife, and their two children. When questioned by Cbs if she’d ever think about moving to a home more appropriate for her current situation, Carlile said: “Oh, heck no, no way. I also reinvest all I produce inside the home.

  1. In her mother’s band, she sang.

Carlile began polishing her craft at an early age by routinely playing in pubs across the state with her mother’s country band. The highlight of her life, according to her, was being taken into bars when she was seven, eight, or nine years old and singing with her mother’s band. “Exactly,” I said. That’s what I intended to accomplish. Brandi Carlile decided that music was her calling and stopped attending school. She soon mastered the piano and the guitar and started performing wherever she could.

Brandi Carlile

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  1. She once supported an Elvis impersonator as a singer.

Carlile was willing to accept almost any engagement when she first started out in the music business, which included a brief stint backing up an Elvis Presley imitation. The Elvis lookalike in question performed songs from all phases of Elvis’ career, including his early years as a 1950s heartthrob and his later years as a showman in a jumpsuit in Las Vegas. Carlile’s performance was only really noticeable when she switched from the a ballerina skirt to the a strapless gown halfway through the performance. The singer told Medleyville: “I believe I just sort of sat there and snapped.”


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