Ballerini Kelsea – 15 Interesting Facts About Kelsea


Ballerini Kelsea – 15 Interesting Facts About Kelsea

Ballerini Kelsea

There are many things about Ballerini Kelsea that you might not know, like that she formerly worked in a cupcake business and that she aspires to work with Macklemore.

Since making her debut in 2015 with the number-one song “Love Me Like You Mean It,” Ballerini Kelsea has emerged as one of the most well-known young voices in country music. With her modern voice and four No. 1 singles, as well as a top-selling sophomore album and two successful headline tours since, Ballerini Kelsea is paving the way for others in the genre. There are some things about the outgoing singer that we all know, like her fondness of chicken nuggets, but there may be more details about kelsea ballerini music that her fans don’t yet know.

Here are 15 things about the voice Ballerini Kelsea you most likely didn’t know.

1.She managed the church choir.

It appears that ballerini kelsea was born with the desire to perform. She led the worship and chorus at her church while growing up and was active in the glee club, school choir, and church choir.

2. She had no intention of becoming a professional musician.

Despite spending the most of her youth composing and singing, Kelsea tells CMT that she initially had no intention of making a career out of it. She originally intended to pursue a career as a veterinarian and establish herself in her hometown. I genuinely believed that was what I wanted to accomplish. I could continue living in Knoxville, and it was a genuine career,” she claims.

3. She spent about two years in college.

Although Ballerini Kelsea went to Nashville when she was 15 to pursue music, she attended Lipscomb University before becoming well-known in the country music industry. She studied marketing and communications there for two years before quitting to pursue music full-time. Fun fact: Carla, her mother, was vice president of marketing at Thomas Nelson, a publisher of the Bible. Carla also worked in communications.

4. She dedicated her first song to her mum.

Her mother was another source of inspiration for her debut song. The song’s inspiration came from Kelsea’s admission that she once failed to purchase her mother a Mother’s Day gift. Rather than running to the store at the last minute, she decided to write her mom a moving song called “Oh Mama.” She cried, as expected, and for a time Kelsea would compose her a new verse for the holiday every year. Aww!

5. Before she was born, her father worked in the country music industry.

Not as a creative person, but as a radio host. When Ballerini Kelsea was a child, he was also the sales manager at WIVK, a neighbourhood radio station in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Ballerini Kelsea

6. He also prepares her favourite meals.

One of Kelsea’s favourite dishes is apparently the creation of her father, who claims to produce the tastiest spaghetti dish known as “Eddie’s Spaghetti.”

7. She was a member of an elite hip-hop squad.

It makes fitting that Kelsea was a dancer at one point in her life as her last name is just one letter away from being “ballerina.” Ballerini Kelsea spent a lot of time dancing before she became a musician, starting with ballet when she was three and progressing to jazz, modern, and finally hip-hop, which she calls her “favourite.” In her early adolescent years, she even competed on a hip-hop team, but she quit when she was 13 years old, the same age she wrote her first song.

8. She started out working at a cupcake bakery.

Though it’s reasonable to say that the majority of us didn’t start off in flashy careers, it appears like Kelsea had a pretty successful work. The singer’s first gig was at a cupcake cafe, where she frequently indulging in the delectable treats. She quips with Williamson Source, “The rule was if you messed it up, you had to throw it away, but they didn’t tell us how, so I ended up needing to start working out that summer from eating too many cupcakes.

9. She serves her steak with ranch dressing.

We all have peculiar culinary desires, and it appears that Ballerini Kelsea is substituting the well-liked salad dressing for the steak sauce. She adds it on her pizza as well. Interesting!

10. She like The Wizard of Oz a much.

The timeless classic is Kelsea’s favourite movie, and she refers to it as “the greatest movie of all time” on the Macy’s blog.

Ballerini Kelsea

11. Her favourite song is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Given how much she adores The Wizard of Oz, it should come as no surprise that one of her favorite songs is the enduring song from the venerable movie. “It’s simply so beautiful, exquisite, and traditional. And classic,” she says, speaking to Nashville Business Journal. “I think you’ve done everything when you can write a timeless song like that,” someone said.

12. She has a hydraulic lift as one of her top goals.

Always a fan of glitz and glamour, Ballerini Kelsea admits that one of her most ambitious performing goals is to reach the stage via hydraulic lift in order to provide her audience with an unforgettable experience. As a fan, I adore going to concerts and taking in the atmospheres the artists create over that one and a half hours. Because that is what it is—you get to design a world that others can enter. And I’ve been a fan of that for so long; I’ve studied it, and I hope to make something like that someday,” she says.

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13. Mackelmore would be her ideal duet partner.

Kelsea, who has a passion for country music, has a wide range of interests and says that one artist she’d love to work with is the rapper from “Thrift Shop.” She also enjoys Kanye West and Drake.

14. A Vince Gill song is the one she wants she could perform forever.

Despite being a huge fan of pop artists like Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, and Taylor Swift, Kelsea is most interested in doing a version of one of Vince Gill’s classic country songs. She admits to Axs that she could probably sing Vince Gill’s “Go Rest High On That Mountain” every night and be content. You can’t do that every night, but one day I will!

Ballerini Kelsea

15. With “Legends,” she set a contemporary record.

Ballerini Kelsea has accomplished a number of noteworthy exploits in a relatively short period of time. This was notably evident when her song “Legends” reached No. 1 in the early months of 2018 and made her the first female artist since Carrie Underwood to have the lead singles from both of her debut albums land at the top of the charts. Kudos, Kelsea!

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