Angela Lansbury: 10+ Things About Her Fans Didn’t Know


Angela Lansbury: 10+ Things About Her Fans Didn’t Know

Angela Lansbury

We’ve gathered some of the most fascinating facts about the legendary actress Angela Lansbury, who starred in such films as Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Beauty and the Beast, Nanny McPhee, and Murder, She Wrote, in celebration of her terrible departure.

She left behind a significant legacy after living for almost to a century.

Here are a few Angela lansbury-related facts that most fans weren’t aware of.

  1. When Angela Lansbury young, her father died.

When Angela Lansbury was nine years old, her father, who was 48 at the time, went tragically.

“In retrospect, I believe that was the turning point in my life. Nothing has ever struck me so profoundly, either before or since. It also changed how my life was structured “She spoke with Daily Mail.

“Despite not being a particularly intellectual person, I lost interest in my schoolwork. I started to daydream a bit as a result of my loss.”

She said, “Over time, I got much more interested in acting.”

Angela Lansbury
  1. She wed Peter Shaw, who was her manager and agent at the time, in 1949.

Although Angela had been married before, she grew close to Peter Shaw, her manager and agent, after their divorce.

In the end, they got married in 1949.

  1. Angela Lansbury spent 53 years wed to Peter Shaw.

Sadly, heart failure caused Peter’s death in 2003.

“We had the ideal partnership. Few people can make that claim. He was everything to me; we were coworkers, lovers, and husband and wife “At the time, Angela told Daily Mail.

“I don’t know how we managed such a lengthy marriage, but the truth is we were loyal to each other,” she said.

“We collaborated on all decisions, and we were always there for one another. Although I valued my profession, Anthony and Deidre, our children, always came first.”

  1. Eventually, her first spouse came out as gay.

After their divorce, Angela Lansbury and her first husband, fellow actor Richard Cromwell, were able to stay close, and Richard eventually felt secure enough to come out to Angela Lansbury.

Later, she said that she never considered the possibility that he might be gay while they were married.

Angela Lansbury
  1. Prior to becoming an actress, she was a singer.

Angela had a natural affinity for the arts. But when she was 16 years old, she was a singer at a bar in Montreal, Canada, named the Samovar Club before she discovered her love for acting.

  1. In Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” she portrayed the teapot.

For Disney, Angela Lansbury provided a voiceover performance as the housekeeper-turned-teapot.

Her character has grown to be one of Disney’s most recognisable and, most importantly, timeless.

  1. The recording of her song in “Beauty and the Beast” only required one take.

When it came to performing the movie’s theme song, she initially had some doubts about her ability.

She nevertheless entered the recording booth and gave it a chance, and it undoubtedly paid off. She only needed one take to sing it flawlessly from beginning to end.

Paige O’Hara, who played Belle, said of Ms. Lansbury, “Who I have idolised my entire life,” “Ms. Lansbury came in after being up all night […] and was a trooper.”

We were all concerned that she would be too worn out, but when she appeared, she sang “Beauty and the Beast” in a single take.

  1. She’s never taken home an Emmy.

Angela never quite earned the credit she deserved despite the incredible success of her television series Murder, She Wrote.

She received 18 nominations for the Emmys, but never one.

Angela Lansbury
  1. She continued to perform in her later years.

Despite the fact that Angela was 96 years old, she was still engaged in her favourite activity!

She had an appearance in Mary Poppins Returns, and in an enhanced version of The Grinch, she provided the Mayor of Whoville’s voice.

  1. Tragically, her son and daughter battled drug addiction.

She told Daily Mail, “It started with cannabis then moved on to heroin.” This had to be quite difficult for her.

There were groups committed to homicidal ends up in the hills above Malibu.

Angela Lansbury

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  1. Charles Manson and her daughter’s social circle were the same.

Deidre once joined a group led by Charles Manson, she admitted to Daily Mail, “and it hurts me to tell that.

“She was one of many children who knew him; they were all enthralled. There is no denying that he had a remarkable personality and was charismatic in many ways.”

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