Health of Amy Grant: Vince Gill Advises Her for Fast Heal “to Just Remain Still “


Health of Amy Grant: Vince Gill Advises Her for Fast Heal “to Just Remain Still “

Amy Grant

According to Fox News, Amy Grant, 61, was hurt while riding a bicycle on July 27, 2022. The singer crashed while biking with a companion in Nashville, and was hospitalized for abrasions and wounds. On July 28, Amy’s team posted a message on her personal Instagram account thanking supporters.

The healing process for Amy Grant is going well.

The Christian musician, who sustained injuries in a bicycle accident in July, was unable to make it to Nashville, Tennessee, last Monday for the red carpet and recording of her husband Vince Gill’s special, “CMT Giants: Vince Gill.”

During an on-location appearance with “Entertainment Tonight,” Gill provided an update on the condition of his wife.

She’s doing fantastic, said Gill. “They kind of determined that the best option for Amy to do rest, even though she’s very upset that she couldn’t be here tonight due to her injury and everything else. She is quite energetic, so that is challenging for her.”


Amy Grant delays her August performances until 2023 while she recovers at home following a bicycle accident.

Grant was unable to personally offer moral support, but Gill claimed that Grant’s presence never wavers.

It’s all good, Gill added, since “she understands that she is well loved, highly thought about, and represented tonight.”

According to Grant’s agent Velvet Kelm, the incident occurred on July 27 when Grant and a companion were cycling close to a golf course. She was using a bicycle helmet when the incident occurred.

The singer was taken by first responders at Vanderbilt Medical Center, there Amy stayed for two nights while Grant had treatment for injuries received in the collision.

According to a message from Grant’s management group in August, the accident compelled Grant to delay the gigs on her fall tour, that have since been postponed for early next year. She intends to hit the road once more in November to join Michael W. Smith on a Christmas tour.

Amy Grant

Her annual residency of Christmas concerts at Nashville’s Ryman Hall with Gill is still scheduled for this December.

Amy Grant delays her tour until 2023 so she may recover from her wounds and concussion from a cycling accident.

With his daughter Corrina, Vince Gill pays poignant tribute to his hurt wife Amy Grant during a concert.

When performing in Nashville late August, Gill paid respect to Grant by singing his 2019 hit “When My Amy Prays” toward the close of the performance. When Gill and Grant’s 21-year-old daughter Corrina joined Gill on stage for the moving song, the lyrics was poignantly changed to “when my mama prays.”

Amy Grant

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“Amy and I had quite different upbringings. I never went to church, and she never missed it. And I wasn’t forced to declare, “Hey, I’m gonna to go to church single weekend,” only because we got married. Thus, the song’s honesty and the truth are both present “Gill spoke in an interview from 2019 about the song’s inspiration.

“We all attempt to alter one another occasionally. When we cross encounters with someone, we both want the other person to be more like really want me to look more like you, and vice versa. And that simply won’t take place. When someone is at their worst, you can love them the most. You will succeed if you can learn to love someone even when they are at their worst.”

Amy Grant plants seeds of love and togetherness on her 450-acre farmland starting in 2021 to fulfil her “divine imprint.” Back then: Amy Grant is touring and reissuing “Heart in Motion” to celebrate turning 60 after surgery.

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