A 104-year-old woman dies before Guinness can confirm her record as oldest skydiver

A 104-year-old woman

A little more than a week after potentially breaking the record for the oldest skydiver, a 104-year-old woman passed away.

A 104-year-old woman

On October 1st in Ottawa, Illinois, Dorothy Hoffner skydived 13,500 feet from a plane with Skydive Chicago. According to the center, she most likely passed on Monday night at Brookdale Senior Living.

The statement read:

The staff at Brookdale Lake View is very grieved by the demise of our resident, Dorothy Hoffner. The fact that she skydived earlier this month at the age of 104 and demonstrated that age is but a number made us ecstatic to witness her continuing to live with passion and purpose. Her loss will be felt deeply throughout our entire community.

If Hoffner broke the record for the oldest person to leap out of an airplane, Guinness World Records is still investigating the claim. According to The Associated Press, Linnéa Ingegärd Larsson of Sweden, who was 103 years old when she performed her jump in 2022, holds the current record.

Hoffner made her first jump at the age of 100.
A memorial service for her will be held next month, the AP said.

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