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ana de armas

These 15 interesting facts will help you learn more about the Cuban-Spanish actress Ana de Armas, who is dating Movie star Ben Affleck.

What else is known about the Latin actress who portrayed the lead in the Oscar-nominated film Knives Out and, despite being a woman of colour, will portray Marilyn Monroe in the forthcoming biopic Blonde?

The new James Bond & Ana de Armas No Time to Die will star Ana de Armas, who is most recognised for her main performances in Blade Runner 2049 & Knives Out. What information do we actually have about this actress? It turns out that there is a lot more to her than first appears.

For nearly as long as ben Affleck Ana de armas has been around the public eye, it has been possible to learn about his personal life. His girlfriend, Ana de Armas, a Spanish-Cuban actress with a thriving career in her own right, has been making headlines lately.

Continue reading to learn more about Ana de Armas by checking out the 15 facts we’ve provided below.

ana de armas

1) Ana first became well-known in her hometown of Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba, for her performance in the love drama Una Rosa de Francia in 2006.

2) Just at age of 18, she relocated to Spain and spent 3 years and 6 seasons as the lead in El Internado.

3) Her part as an AI in Blade Runner 2049 didn’t make her famous in Hollywood until 2017.

4) She was nominated for a Golden Globe for “Best Actress in a Comedy or Humor” for her work in the 2019 movie Knives Out.

5) Ana had to memorise her lines phonologically for her initial two movies, Knock Knock (2015) and Exposed (2016), in which she costarred with Keanu Reeves because she didn’t speak English when she got to Los Angeles.

6) Ana was also a supporting character in the films War Dogs, Overdrive, & Hand of Stone.

7) Demián Bichir of the Grand Hotel is another prominent celebrity she has collaborated with. Demián and Ana co-starred in the 2018 movie Corazon.

ana de armas

8) She first met Ben Affleck while working on the shoot of their 2020 movie Deep Water. They first connected on site in 2019, but it wasn’t until they were spotted together on vacation in March that rumours of a romance started to circulate.

9) Since then, Ana has appeared to be go public with a Post on Instagram mentioning Ben. Ana turned 32 on April 30 and uploaded the photo as part of a recollection of her birthday. The images are shown below:

10) In addition to her work as an actor, Ana has made appearances on numerous magazine covers and spreads, including those for Vogue & Vanity Fair.

11) Her hair colour hasn’t always been brown. For a few roles in the past, Ana sported platinum blonde hair.

12) Marilyn Monroe, sometimes known as Norma Jeane, is one of Ana’s cultural icons.

13) She enjoys travelling, having recently visited Brazil, Thailand, & Jordan in addition to returning to Cuba.

14) Elvis is a sweet puppy that she owns. Below is a photo from Ana’s Instagram that you can view:

ana de armas

15) You undoubtedly already know that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were formerly wed, but they might not be aware that Ana was also married at one point. Marc Clotet and Ana were wed from 2011 until 2013.

We are pleased for Ana and Ben to be together, & we wish them luck as they navigate their relationship in public. Deep Water, their movie, will be released by 20th Century Studios in November 2020.

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Why is Ana de Armas famous?

De Armas has spent more than 15 years hunting for roles that take a detour from the home and push her beyond of her comfort zone. The 34-year-old Cuban-Spanish actor has performed parts as a Dominican sex worker fighting for her live, intrepid spies, femme fatales, as well as a hologram glittering in a neon-drenched, smog-choked dystopia.

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